Hey There

Were Christian and Adelle Beane. Were Married and try really hard to be the absolute best version of ourselves. Having grown up in great families, we were both taught not only the value in hard work but how to invest. Its our opinion that people have been and always will be the best investment of our time, talent, and money. So much of the joy in our lives is through people.

You can see the evidence in our careers- Christian is a first responder who dedicates his time and talent to rescuing injured people here in Solano County. Owning a Salon together was a natural fit. Yes, im the creative, but we both love business. We get to work with our stylists by creating the best work environment possible where our people are encouraged and taught how to be the best version of themselves. Leadership is our jam. Christian and I have been blessed to have worked for some horrible bosses in the past- the lessons learned have been incredible. The reality of it is, theres a huge difference between being a boss and a leader- everyone wants to follow a leader, but nobody wants to follow their boss….and everyone hates their boss.

Luckily, our philosophy towards business helps everyone. Our stylists are in the best place to learn, grow, and be their best, which translates into our clients getting the best hair care they’ve ever had. And for us- we get to watch our investments grow…You!